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This is to introduce you to Evangelist/Pastor Roy Mills who has been a member of our church since it’s inception. Pastor Roy served in the capacity of Music Coordinator, Worship Leader and respected elder in Redlands Fellowship. He is a very faithful and capable person who has helped in the pioneering and building up of this vibrant and growing fellowship. He has sacrificially given of his time and energy to successfully get the music ministry of the church up and running. Many people I believe, have been encouraged and released to fulfill their God –given talents because of Roy’s contribution. Roy ministers effectively to both adult and youth alike, I believe you will not be disappointed with his ministry.

George Gebran- Senior Pastor Redlands Fellowship/ Assembly of God

It is my pleasure on behalf of the State Fellowship to congratulate you on the reception of your Specialized Ministry Certificate. Far from being merely a piece of paper, this credential represents the recognition of your ministry by those who are your leaders in this great fellowship. We wish you God’s greatest blessing and the anointing of the Holy Spirit without which nothing of any value can be accomplished. May your ministry be of the highest caliber and may Jesus get all the glory from everything you do.

John Lewis - State Superintendent Assembly of God Australia

I am happy to recommend the ministry Roy Mills to you. Roy with his wife Kerri, have ministered in many of the churches of the Brisbane South District Assemblies Of God in Australia. Of which I have been the District Superintendent for the past five years. He is a committed member and leader in his own local church and itinerates with their covering and full blessing. Roy has a genuine God given talent in music and song and on every occasion that I have been involved with Roy’s ministry, there has been a good sense of God’s presence. I am confident that Roy Mills will be a blessing to your fellowship.

Steve Kennedy - District Superintendent Assembly of God Australia

It is with pleasure that I write this reference for Roy Mills. I have known Roy for some time and have appreciated his willingness to share and participate in ministry in a number of chapters of FGBMFI in the Brisbane area. I have found Roy very easy to work with and willing to flow with what was asked of him. Roy was recently involved in the music ministry of a combined chapter Brisbane outreach and contributed greatly to the success of the evening. His musical talent, which he uses for God’s glory, is very diverse and adaptable to a variety of situations. Roy has ministered in the church I attend and I have observed him to be very sensitive to the Holy Spirit. He also has a great desire to see men and woman won for the Kingdom of God. I have no hesitation in recommending the ministry of Roy Mills.

Jeff Gray - National Director Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship

LOCAL CHURCH LEADERS / Character Reference

As a resident and local Pastor in Fort Walton Beach, Florida area, it has been a privilege to get to know Roy Mills and his family since they arrived here from Australia. Roy, his wife Kerri and their four children are a wonderful blessing and asset to our community.

Charles Sansom, Jr. Senior Pastor Family of Faith Community Church, FWB Florida.

It is with great pleasure that I have this opportunity to address the character of Pastor Roy Mills. I have known him for several years and he and his family has been (and continue to be) an asset to the greater Fort Walton Beach Community. Roy Mills is often my go to pastor in the community when the association needs things done. His ministry has impacted many and has changed many lives. It is without any reservation that I can personally speak to the character of Pastor Roy Mills. He lives what he preaches every day. A man of above reproach at all times.

Larry J. Carter President of Greater Fort Walton Beach Christian Ministers Association.

My name is Steve Winton; I have served as the senior pastor of Mary Esther United Methodist Church in the area for the past four years. During this time I have become acquainted with Roy Mills as a fellow servant of the church, a brother in Christ and a friend. I have witnessed Roy’s compassion for the needs of multitudes of people in our community through the church and on his own personal basis. Roy has worked well with many people from many area churches. He also has ministered in my church. Through his ministry and that of his family countless young people have been challenged to a deeper walk in their Christian faith, which not only impacts the church, but also the community at large.

Steven P. Winton, Senior Pastor Mary Esther United Methodist Church

I have had the personal privilege and pleasure of knowing Pastor Roy Mills now for several years. We have worshiped together in many different settings and strategize together through the Ministerial Association to reach out to our community. I have also known the joy of his friendship at a more casual and personal level, which has serviced to bring the warmth of God’s touch into my life and brighten my days. I say this to bring attention to the fact that he is a very humble and relational man, who is touched and moved by the needs around him. I have no hesitation in saying that I strongly believe that he is a Christian man and we are greatly blessed to have such a man serving in our community.

Gary W. Jakes, Senior Pastor First Church of the Nazarene

Pastor Roy Mills and his family are both colleagues and friends. Roy pastors a thriving ministry and his involvement with this community is both a blessing and an asset. He is highly involved with the Greater FWB ministers association assisting our community in tangible and practical ways. I count it both an honor and a blessing to have Pastor Roy Mills as a colleague and friend.

Roger L. Goen Jr. Senior Pastor Wavecrest Community Church

It is my pleasure to recommend to you Pastor Roy Mills, I have seen a lot of pastors and churches come and go, many have had limited impact in the quality of life here in Fort Walton Beach. Roy and his entire family have definitely had a positive influence in our community. Pastor Roy has a message of hope and exposes many people to the depths of God’s love. They are particularly effective in reaching young, at risk teens. Many of those young people are being challenged and enabled to live productive and law-abiding lives through Roy’s ministries.. James J. Grabo Senior Pastor Covenant Community Church

I have known Roy Mills for the past several years; he has had a positive influence in our community as a pastor and worship leader. Obviously in this role he has touched many lives, whether in times of crisis or in a joyous occasion. He has uniqueness to his ministry that appeals to many. His concern for people is evident and he and his family use their talents to minister to others.

David Beiler, Senior Pastor Evangelistic Center Assembly of God

We have personally known Roy and Kerri Mills and their family for six years. They have made a positive impact in the community and a lot of lives. They are a blessing to this city and our country, they come highly recommended.

Charlie Anderson, Senior Pastor Fishers of Men “A Life Changing Ministry”

I have known Pastor Mills and his family since their arrival in this area. He has had a strong positive influence in the community helping with many churches and working with the young people to prepare for their lives as adults. We have seen his home life to be a positive reflection of his values and parenthood. I have no reservation in this recommendation.

Phillip R. Troullos, Pastor Family Christian Fellowship of Destin

I just wanted to share how effective the ministry of Pastor Roy Mills and his family’s music ministry has been in our community. They have been involved in many GRACEFEST non-profit events in the community and have really made an impact through their ministry in reaching others for Christ. Each of them have displayed an incredible spirit of Grace and won the Spirit Of Grace Award from this large event this past year, for not only their talent but also their serving spirit. They have traveled on many occasions throughout our region to minister to others in need of encouragement without expectation of anything in return. I have been acquainted with Roy Mills and his family’s music ministry since the year 2001. They have been and continue to be a blessing to our area and are impacting many for the call of Christ. I look forward to many more years of having the pleasure of them being in our area as they continue to grow their ministry.

Gina Bryan Chair, GRACE Music Inc.